About us and our Goals

About Dr. Alan Inman and his goals

Born and raised in the US, Dr Inman has West Texan roots and the standards and upbringing of a cowboy. This being said, Alan was brought up with good morals and ethics from day one. The mindset as a child was to be always helpful and empathetic towards others. 

In July of 2002, Alan flew out on a new adventure, and began medical school not knowing the Spanish language and adapts very quickly to the courses given in the Costa Rican native language. Upon completion of Medical School, Dr Alan Inman like many Medical Student had a US Government Loan Debt and decides to pay it off working in the West Texas Oilfields as a hand. After 2 years of hard labor and new acquired management skills, the Doc returned to Costa Rica, to purse Medicine with his new Medial Degree. 

Next on the list he took on a Postgraduate in Neuropsychology and Dementias and upon completion took on both Hair Implantation and getting US Certified in Anti-Aging/Regenerative & Wellness Medicine. Last but not least Dr Inman is also got certified in Nutrigenetics. As Dr Inman will always tell his patients, all those titles on the wall mean nothing unless you apply yourself and read extensively through medical studies, to be better prepared professional to be able to help his patients accomplish their goals in acquiring a better quality of life. Incorporating knowledge that not all Regenerative Medical doctors don’t include are these Pilars that can improve everyone’s health, including, Mental Health, Diet, Exercise, Sleep Health, and Breathing. This allows for patients to view their health on a level that they aren’t accustomed to, making it more integrative. 

It is important to note that Dr Inman has been in the Medical Field for the last 11 years and 8 of those have been dedicated to Regenerative Medicine. Also during the last 5 years Dr Inman has been participant in many TV programs, one of them being his own TV program that was the US equivalent to Dr Oz here in Costa Rica, educating the population on the benefits based on medical studies of food, exercises, common habits, sleep routines, etc, helping many at home to improve their overall health. 

Throughout the years Dr Inman has built up a reputation of changing peoples lives and leading them in a direction that can allow them to live happier and longer because of the implications these changes have on the telomeres found on chromosomes. For those not knowing what a telomere is, a telomere is found on chromosomes that contain our DNA and on the tips of these are found telomeres which are our chronological time clock, and as we age they shorten. With many of these habits and treatments telomeres can elongate (lengthen) or even slow down the pace of them shortening. He currently is working with many pro athletes like:

  • Hanna Gabriels (current Female Welterweight Champion of the World)
  • Manolo Campos (current 2nd in Male World Powerlifting)
  • Amalia Ortuño (current Female Adaptive CrossFit Champion of the World)
  • PRL Drivers (Costa Rican Pro Racing League Pilots)
  • Club Sport Herediano (Soccer Team that plays in Top Tier in Costa Rican Soccer League have Won 29 Championships)

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 Some of our Loyal friends and clients !

Hanna Gabriels

Hanna Gabriels Valle, known as Hanna Gabriels, is a Costa Rican professional boxer. She has held world championships in four weight classes, having held the WBA female light middleweight title.

Manolo Campus

Training of the first quarter of the year Reaching 900 lbs in squats 770 lbs Bench and 926 lbs in Deadlift at 43 years old, becoming the strongest man in the M1 world and among the top 5 open world.

Pro Racing League

In the Go Rigo Go Circuit of Parque Viva, the initial flag of the season was given this Sunday (19th of march 2023), which will have five races in total

Soccer Team Herredia

Since its founding in 1921, Club Sport Herediano managed to savor triumphs after being crowned the first national champion of Costa Rican soccer.