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Dr Alan Inman

  • General Surgeon and Medical Doctor
  • Post Grad in Neuropsychology and Dementias
  • Certified in the USA in Anti-Aging, Wellness, and Aesthetics
  • Certified in Nutrigenetics 

Alan Inman, with his American and Costa Rican heritage, is passionate about health equality and equity. He relocated from Texas to Costa Rica for the purpose of studying medicine at the Universidad de Ciencias Medicas. 

After graduating, he dedicated himself to improving medical services and patient care. With his dedication to medicine, Alan delved into various aspects of healthcare - anti-aging being his favorite. As he guided people in restoring their vitality and joyfulness through a healthy lifestyle, Alan discovered what truly resonated with him.

Certified in Regenerative Medicine, he continues to commit himself to helping others.

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Let yourself go in the expert hands of our beauticians, patners and assosiates.

  Dr. Ricardo Jiménez

Doctor with more than 12 years of experience as a CCSS emergency doctor, 3 years of work in the same way in the Covid Area. Currently in Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine, anesthesia, nutrition and anti-aging.

 Lic. Marianela Lizano

Laser therapy for the relief of rhinitis and sinusitis * 12 years in the COSTA RICAN SOCIAL SECURITY FUND (nursing service). 2 years of experience at CEACO in the respiratory therapy service.

 Dr Johnathan Conejo

Respiratory Therapist with more than 14 years of clinical experience. Clinical Experience Rhinitis / Sinusitis COSTARRISENCE SAFE BOX Laser Therapy SOCIAL Allergic rhinitis CPR protocol without the need for medication

Iris, is our reliable & diligent front desk office attendant. She is bilingual and will treat you with respect and the urgency that you deserve (quite franky are entiteld to)

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